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Blue Zebra was a band that played a mix of funky jazz and, well, jazzy funk -- on the rockin' side. They chose tunes which had peppy rhythms, punchy grooves, and cool chords which made for good vehicles to showcase the exceptional soloing prowess of each member. Artists whose tunes they liked to cover include John Scofield, Jeff Beck, and Miles Davis.

The band formed in early 2006 out of an informal jam session in Portland, Oregon. The guys clicked musically and realized that they were all especially talented & experienced and that they shared a love of high-energy jazz & funk. They decided to continue playing regularly and develop a repertory of tunes including funk & jazz classics and originals they compose collaboratively. They played shows at the Goodfoot, the Bethany Village Grill, Domenic's, Pirate's Tavern, & a couple of coffee houses in Newberg.

Blue Zebra called it quits in early 2008. Some good recordings exist of the shows and they will be posted online eventually.

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the players:

jeffree white
steve ellingson
tom favara
dainis garuts
jeffree white
steve ellingson
tom favara
dainis garuts

jeffree white - guitar

Jeffree has been playing the guitar and piano for over twenty years. He has performed with over forty acts ranging from progressive rock bands to blues bands to reggae groups to jazz ensembles. Since moving to Portland in 1997, he has performed at most of the local clubs with Ashbury Park, Rich Man's Burden, Five, Diggabone, Julie Larson, Pepper, and Flying Colours, and as a regular solo performer. His versatility, imagination, and technical prowess have won him high praises. Jeffree thrills audiences with his incendiary solos, strong & lyrical melodies, and sophisticated rhythm playing, as well as his whimsical delivery and flamboyant presence. Find out more about Jeffree from his web site, located at

steve ellingson - keys

Perhaps it was the gray, drippy days or maybe the local vanillin factory fumes in Aberdeen, Washington - logging town and notorious hometown of musicians - that produced Steve, another deep and soulful musician.  A lifelong Northwesterner, with the exception of an ever-so-brief stint in the SF Bay area, Steve has played clubs from Hawaii to Wyoming.  His music career started while still in high school with Montage, a hard-driving rock cover band.  Upon graduation and a little maturation, he moved on to playing full time in various rock, top 40, funk and soul bands.   Previous bands included Seattle/Tacoma's Jonah's Whale and Pazazz, and more recently the Portland bands Shaky Ground and Dorado.  Somewhere along the line, he took a break from the stage to get a day job and start a family.   During his performing hiatus, he studied jazz arranging and improvisation continuing to build upon his passion for the keys.  Steve currently lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with his wife, really cool five year-old son, three big dogs, a cat, fish and a little frog.

tom favara - bass

Tom has 25 years of experience with the bass, having played in all types of ensembles on fretted and fretless four, five and six string basses. Tom worked in LA as a studio musician, primarily as a vocalist.  He also has composed music for movie soundtracks.  He currently studies bass with Kai Eckhardt, bass player of Garaj Mahal.

dainis garuts - drums

Dainis has been playing and studying music and drums for over 25 years. With a strong cultural and familial musical background, it has been a natural decision to be musically active throughout his lifetime, as a drummer and percussionist, as well as a recording engineer, producer, and songwriter. As a long-time member of several local Portland bands, as well as a collaborator of other studio projects, Dainis has found the ability to mix tasty technical chops with a an artful blend of rhythm and sound that enhances the soundscape of all with whom he plays.



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