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July 12th, 2012
band list cleanup: new "inactive bands" list

We did some long overdue cleanup of the band list. Bands that are inactive have been moved to the bottom of the list, under a header "INACTIVE BANDS".

We hope to update these bands' profiles with any current projects that individual band members are in. If you were in one of these bands, let us know what you are up to, and we'll put it on the former band's profile with a link!



--> September 5th, 2011
tip jar

You can now make donations via PayPal to help cover costs and support the development of



July 27th, 2011
dynamic titles

We finally put in the PHP so that the title of the web page changes to include the band or venue name, plusAll about Portland jam bands & PDX jambands. The title shows up in your browser at the very top, and on tabs. More importantly, it shows up when you post a link on Facebook, and in search results -- and having different titles for different pages can help our rankings, which weren't doing so well yet. Try this search or this one.



May 10th, 2010
Facebook status updates

We've been doing weekly status updates on our Facebook companion page. They go up near the beginning of the week and list the week's shows. Please "like" us so you can see them. It's a low volume page; we don't do invites at this time.

We need more fans, so consider suggesting it to people or reposting our updates!



December 5th, 2009
sorting bands to show newest first

Now you can easily find out which bands are new to! Just click on "show newest bands first" at the top of the list on the bands page. As it has been, bands have been listed in descending order of total shows to date on They will still list this way by default.



November 5th, 2009
social networks

Become a fan of our Facebook page! Please use the Discussions tab to engage in dialogue! And, those of you who still use MySpace, become our friend on our MySpace page and leave a comment!

Our announcements are pretty infrequent, so don't worry about that.



August 26th, 2009
forum on hold

The "sound off" forum is on hold for now. Spammers got in and put up some very naughty content. Robots will be robots.

We'll hopefully get another forum up soon so we can have some dialogues. We're looking into the best spamproof options.

In the meantime! Become a fan of our Facebook page and/or a friend of our MySpace page and write on our Wall or leave a comment!



June 27th, 2009
new images and sorting

Now logos are listed in the show and band lists! Some eye-candy for ya as well as visual aids.

The bands and venues lists are now sorted by the number of shows on for that band or show. So, the hardest-working bands and the venues that book jam bands get rewarded with better rankings. (We'll come up with a sort feature to give the new bands stature as well...)



Tue, Dec 30th, 2008 revived!

If you've checked in recently, you probably noticed that the site has been dormant. Well, it's time to get into it again. My New Year's resolution is to get this site off the ground, spread the word, keep it current, and get some collaborators involved. Any volunteers?