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Things to consider when choosing a tree and yard care company
  • Is the company licensed? Is their liability insurance current?
    Ascent is licensed with the state for residential and commercial services. For your protection, always ask to see the certificate of liability. Some companies let their insurance lapse, but still appear to have a valid license. For more info, see the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board's consumer info page.

  • Will the estimator be there to handle the details of the job?
    At Ascent, the person giving the estimate will see to it that the job is completed.

  • Is a deposit required? When is payment due?
    Many companies require a deposit before work can begin. At Ascent, payment is not needed until the job is done and you are satisfied. Often we can work out a payment plan based on the honor system.

  • Is the long-term health of your trees being considered?
    Some companies compromise the health of trees with big cuts. Ascent often promotes pruning in phases so that the integrity of your trees is maintained.

  • Does a higher estimate mean a better job?
    Smaller companies like Ascent have lower overhead costs, and therefore lower rates, but are equally capable. We recommend getting 2-3 estimates. If the above criteria are met, the low or middle bid can be trusted in this industry.


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