the spaceage polymers
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Benjamin G. Komar
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Derek Anderson
Polymer 9
The Possibly True Story of the Spaceage Polymers

The Spaceage Polymers come from a time and a place much like your own, though words like "time" and "place" have little meaning to a Spaceage Polymer. It is not known how they came to be amongst your kind (something to do with an energy transference), for a Spaceage Polymer lives so fully in the moment that he or she cannot remember what happened ten minutes ago.

What is known is that the Spaceage Polymers have traveled far and wide and deep inside to find the finest sounds that can't be found by humankind, by people underground, or by creatures in the clouds.

During their travels, the Spaceage Polymers witnessed the unzipping of reality. Their mission is to bring the complex mysteries of the universe to the people of the world through pop music. These messages can only be fully understood through repeated listenings to their recordings and frequent attendance at their live performances (dancing is mandatory, or all meaning will be lost).

Though these teachings cannot be adequately explained within the confines of this website, rumor has it that to the fully cognitive Spaceage Polymer, every day feels like Christmas.

  • Benjamin G. Komar, Head Polymer: vocals, drums, guitar, keys, ambiance

    A certain influential 60's pop group from your world once visited the Spaceage Polymers' place of origin and impregnated a local woman. The Spaceage Polymers' Commanding Officer Benjamin G. Komar is the product of this union.

    As the only member of the Spaceage Polymers with human ancestry (he is one third human), Komar is the Polymer best able to communicate with the people of the world. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon's beautiful southeast district with his son, a large grey cat named Kitty.

  • Derek Anderson, Polymer 9: vocals, guitar, keys, drums, dinosaur wrangling

    Derek Anderson is a fictional composite of all the greatest composers and musicians who have ever lived. Formed from compressed soundwaves, he is able to travel to the cerbral vortex, which controls your body's need to dance. Upon arrival in your world he honed his skills by experimenting on the people of New Jersey.

    Today Anderson spends his time analyzing and reshaping pop culture, particularly the art of karaoke. He is an aspiring church organist, though he is frequently shunned by religious communities for his use of "forbidden tones".

  • Bird: bass, vocals, wisdom

    Ben Schroeder was and is the most highly respected sonic theorist of our time. A tragic, yet comic, teleportation accident left him cross-mutated with a raven who happened to be passing by.

    "Tweeter" jokes aside, this incident has, ironicly, enabled Schroeder to manipulate the low end of the aural spectrum in ways never before imagined. This, and the fact that he has a car, make him the ideal bass player for the Spaceage Polymers.

  • Tony Olander, "The Lost Polymer"

    Pioneering sound engineer Tony "Papa" Olander's life as a Spaceage Polymer was cut short in its prime when he gave birth to a baby Narwhal. Good luck, Tony, you will be missed!